It is common knowledge that investing in real estate is an excellent way of gaining financial freedom. However, many people avoid it because they don’t want to be a landlord and have to deal with difficult tenants or blocked drains. Is it feasibleto invest in real estate without being a landlord? The short answer is yes, there most certainly is. There is no need to avoid investing in real estate just because you don’t want to be a landlord.

Here are some options on how you can do this.

  1. Invest in Flipping a House

Fixing and flipping a property is an ideal way of investing in real estate without having to become a landlord because you flip the house for a profit and don’t even rent it out.

  1. Become a Real Estate Wholesaler

Real Estate wholesalers virtually source investment properties for other real estate investors for a commission. Being a real estate wholesaler is one of the best ways to get into the real estate investment business because you get to refine one of the most valuable skills when it comes to property investment—finding and valuing deals. Not only will these skills stand you in good stead when it comes to investing in property yourself, but they are also skills that can be used in various types of financing.

  1. Find a Business Partner

If you have some investment capital available that you want to invest in real estate, but don’t want to be a landlord. Moreover, you aren’t up for fixing and flipping a house, then finding a business partner is an ideal option. Look for somebody who has the skills and the motivation to find a bargain and do the fixing and flipping but doesn’t have the funds to do it. 

  1. Hire a Property Manager

If earning a steady and passive income from real estate investments is appealing to you yet, you don’t want to have to deal with tenants or maintenance issues. You can always employ the services of a property manager to deal with those aspects of your real estate investment business.

  1. Become a Hard Money Lender

Funding real estate investments for others is another way of investing in real estate without becoming a landlord. If you have a large sum of money available to invest, you can earn a tidy return by loaning hard money to people looking for loans to invest in their real estate investment businesses. Some companies offer a loan servicing service that will manage the collection of repayments, drawing up contracts and administrative functions for you.

There is, of course, some risk, as there is with any investment. The sum of money involved will depend on the option you use. Some require more capital than others. You need to find the way that best suits your personality, lifestyle, and budget. The most important of these factors is what best suits your personality, so if you aren’t able to follow a strategy that you’re comfortable with the draw up a plan of how you’re going to get there. Property is an excellent investment, and you don’t have to be a landlord to invest in real estate.