The novel coronavirus pandemic has thrust the whole world into a strange and new reality. Many people have found themselves without a job thanks to the economic shutdowns and other fallouts from the pandemic. Numerous people are looking for a job, all the while needing money to keep up with the payments they could manage in their previous positions. Worse, it isn’t just job loss that is impacting people everywhere. Even those businesses that have begun to reopen have had altered hours throughout the reopening process. Their employees are left without regular hours and income.

If you’ve lost your job and find yourself uncertain on how to pay your next month’s rent or phone bill, how do you earn money needed to bridge that gap? Here are a few plans you can use to keep yourself afloat or get ahead to help manage your way through this new reality millions of people have found themselves in today.

Teaching English Online

The virus didn’t just leave the working class out of a job, but it also found many students without their tutors. In the last few years, teaching English online has become more popular for both the students and the teachers themselves. The internet is a powerful tool to connect people, for education and trade alike. Many online sites can offer $15 – $25 an hour to individuals who have a bachelor’s degree and can pass the English tests required to teach these students from your own home, all online.


Whether you’re a writer, a musician, an artist, graphic designer, or otherwise, there are plenty of companies and individuals in need of a freelancer. With the freedom to make your hours, take only the jobs you want to do, and reject the jobs that you don’t feel confident doing, freelancing is one of the best methods to getting money from home throughout the lockdowns and as the world gets back on its feet. Rates can fluctuate dramatically from job to job, but you can get good at weeding out which ones will compensate you appropriately for the work you’re doing for them. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are among a few examples of where you can freelance your work.

Online Surveys 

There are countless ads over the internet urging you to take surveys and be paid to do so. Though the earnings per survey can range from anywhere between five cents a survey to three dollars, they often only take a couple of minutes to complete. As long as you’re careful to keep your personal information close and only use PayPal or gift cards as a payment method, you can help yourself buffer the hit that was taken by the Coronavirus. These surveys are created to help do market research through volunteers participating in these questionnaires. Pinecone Research and SurveyJunkie are good examples of these online survey options you could consider to help yourself through the coronavirus lockdowns and economic fallout that’s soon to follow.