Personal loans can be put towards emergency needs like medical expenses, or big purchases like furnaces at home, and much more. They’re much less restrictive towards where the money can be used where specific loans like mortgages and auto loans are much more particular. These loans can be paid back in monthly increments over the span of two to six years, depending on your lender. They can significantly help you keep up with payments when appropriately used, and are incredibly beneficial to splitting up significant expenses when they arise.

There are a few essential reasons you may want to consider a personal loan,

Debt Consolidation

Many people choose to take out a personal loan to help turn multiple lines of credit and debts into one single monthly payment. Having so many different debts with different rates, terms, and balances can lead to confusion and poorly managed finances. By combining all of these debts into one single loan, you can make it easier on yourself to set out a timeframe and a goal to pay off your loan without getting overwhelmed by terms, interest rates, and other complicating factors.

Home Remodeling

If you need to install solar panels, update the kitchen, or put in a new roof but don’t have ready cash at the moment, turning to a personal loan is a reliable option. Personal loans often don’t require collateral either, so there is less risk than many other credit forms. As such, a personal loan can also help you avoid home equity lines of credit as well.

Alternative to Payday Loans

Many people consider turning to a payday loan to get themselves to the next paycheque when financial hardships strike. Unfortunately, many payday loans leave you worse off than you started as they’re predatory and of extremely high risk. These payday loans are known for extreme rates and cruel business practices, like 400% interest rates. Unlike these predatory loans, personal loans are much safer and much more straightforward. A personal loan is easy to understand, and knowing what you’re getting into is essential to your safety in loaning money. 

Emergency Expenses

There are a couple of hard to think about emergencies in which having a personal loan may assist you through the rougher times. Medical bills are an easy one to think about, as there are so many expenses that come with keeping yourself healthy, including dental work, fertility treatments, and other costly procedures. These significant expenses can come in unexpectedly and require you to need a loan to ensure that you can slowly pay it off in much easier to manage increments instead of one big hit. Another reason is funeral expenses. Like medical expenses, death can come on fast, and funerals are expensive. It is hard to think about, but sometimes managing finances after the death of a loved one requires a personal loan.

Moving Costs and Large Purchases

Many significant expenses come with being a homeowner or a renter, from broken appliances that need to be replaced to needing a new car or an old car needs to be fixed. All of these expenses can be over what an individual can pay and be a substantial hit to their finances. Moving is another one of those significant expenses, to which a personal loan may be necessary.